Stop the Bleed

Wednesday, April 10th 6pm-7:30pm

A death from uncontrolled bleeding may be a death that can be prevented. Most cases of serious bleeding are due to common accidents in and around the home, at work, or from motor vehicle crashes. A victim can bleed to death much faster than trained emergency medical services (EMS) personnel can arrive to treat them. A person nearby may be the ONLY one who can make the difference between life and death.

The Trauma Centers in Western New York have partnered with Emergency Medical Services and other providers to teach the public to Stop the BleedStop the Bleed is a nationwide campaign to empower individuals to act quickly to save lives.

The Stop the Bleed Class:
During this FREE 90-minute class, students learn how to recognize serious bleeding and ways to control it such as applying direct pressure, packing wounds, and the use of a tourniquet. All students will have the hands-on opportunity to practice these skills and will be issued a course completion certificate at the end of the class. All training will be conducted by ECDOH Office of Public Health Emergency Preparedness.