Matching Herbs to Your Body Type Series

Begins Wednesday, February 6th 6pm-7:30pm

In this five week class, Community Herbalist Sarah Sorci will borrow from traditional western herbalism, Indian Ayurvedic medicine, and Chinese Medicine to teach how to match herbs to body type.

It is easy to fall into matching herbs to diseases: “Ginkgo for memory,” or “St. John’s Wort for depression.” However, holistic herbalism acknowledges that herbs successfully support health when we match their properties to one’s body constitution—not just a symptom.
Week 1: Use traditional constitutional medicine to discern our bodies’ tendencies and “type.”
Week 2: Learn to use your senses to determine an herb’s likely effects. Is it bitter? Aromatic? Mucilaginous? Astringent? Sweet? What effects do these constituents tend to have on the body?
Weeks 3-5: Discuss 4-6 specific herbs in detail each week, learning which body types/states they are most appropriate for. Sarah will focus on herbs that can be easily grown or sustainably wild-harvested in western NY.

Each participant will sample herbal preparations, and take home herbs to make your own herbal tincture or tea.

5 consecutive Wednesdays (Feb 6 – March 6)