Laser Pistol Training Course

Tuesday, March 27th


EMPact America of New York is partnering with Rivera Investigations to bring Shot Indicating Resetting Trigger (SIRT) Laser Pistol training to Western New Yorkers. This will be a 3 hour course designed to teach and enhance correct handling and firing of a firearm. It is a compliment to traditional live range shooting without the expense of ammunition. Class fee $35 pp

Experts say that it takes hundreds of hours of practical hand gun training in order to be considered proficient. If you choose to build proper and sustainable skills you can spend thousands of dollars on ammunition and training time. Earning your SIRT-ificate allows you to practice these fundamentals without shooting live rounds. This is the perfect supplement to partner with live fire training. A must have for proper home defense and a SIRT qualification certificate can be a huge benefit with applying for a Carry and Conceal permit in Erie County.

The price for this class is the lowest in the area and one of the first of its kind in Western New York. You will learn from the industry leaders, instructors who train federal and local law enforcement professionals.

You do not need a pistol permit to participate in this class.

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