HAM Radio Training

Begins Wednesday, May 8th 6pm-9pm

EMPact America of New York and the South Towns Amateur Radio Society (STARS)  are partnering to host HAM Radio Classes for Western New Yorkers.  The classes will begin on Wednesday, May 8th and run 5-6 consecutive weeks with the last class being the licensing exam.

The course is free to register and attend.  If you would like the companion manual, the cost is $30 and payable at the first class.

Topics Include:
• Radio Waves & Signals
• Electrical Laws, Power, & the Metric System
• Electronic Components & Radio Circuits
• Propagation, Antennas & Feed Lines
• Basic Amateur Radio Station Equipment
• Power Sources & Interference
• Communicating With Other HAMs
• Voice, Code, Text, Video & Digital Modes
• Call Signs, License Regulations & Privileges
• Safety & Amateur Radio
• Test Preparation
• Final Class Test for Technician & General Licenses

Register HERE