Botanical Bitters Making and their Benefits

Wednesday, March 27th 6pm-7:30pm

Once upon a time, humans ate a diverse array of bitter leaves and roots from the wild plants surrounding us. The human gastrointestinal tract developed a complex relationship with bitterness– including special bitterĀ receptors– and our bodies greatly benefit from this flavor for healthy function.

In this class, Sarah Sorci of Sweet Flag Herbs will explore the range of possible effects of bitters, including stimulation of digestive secretions, improved absorption of nutrients and fats, support of healthy blood glucose levels and weight, and more. Sarah will describe the specific properties of some of her favoriteĀ bitters, focusing on those that can be cultivated or sustainably wild-harvested in New York State. Samples of tasty beverages made with homemade cocktail bitters will be shared, along with recipes.